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                                                                                                       RULES & REGULATIONS

  1. Every student is assigned a registration no. which should be quoted in all correspondence.
  2. Installments of fee should be paid regularly on or before 5 of every month. Otherwise a fine will be charged. Defaulters will not be permitted to attend class from the subsequent month.
  3. The Identity card should be brought everyday for theory class as well as for Practicals.
  4. Perfect discipline must be maintain in the academy.
  5. Fees once paid will not be refunded either in part or in full and cannot be adjusted towards the fees of any other student under any circumstances.
  6. Visitors for the students will not be permitted during the class hours.
  7. Without any valid reason, changes of class timing will not be allowed.
  8. Management has full authority to inform the parents regarding the student’s irregularity, misbehavior, nonpayment of the fee etc.
  9. Only graduates / Polytechnic Diploma holders are eligible for PG. Diploma. However undergraduates will also be permitted for all PG. Diploma and the successful candidates will be awarded an ordinary diploma. Graduates pursuing PG. will be given the PG. Diploma on completion of the course.
  10. No student can remain absent from classes without applying for leave in writing.

a. If a student abstains from classes for three days continuously he/she will not be allowed in the  classes without the permission from the manager.

           b. Any student being continuously absent without permission for more than 15 days will be    deemed to have discontinued to voluntarily and the fees will not be refunded.

11.   If a discontinued student wants to rejoin the course he/she should pay a rejoining fee.

          However this facility will be given only to those who rejoin within / years of discontinuing the      course.

12.          Students are required to write examination on completion of each subject, failing which they shall not allowed to attend

any   new batch.

  1. Obtain prior permission from the office before going to new batch I subject.
  2. Students are expected to complete the course within stipulated duration.

Course duration may be extended due to any one of the following reasons.

  1. Incase, the batch students are not able to follow the subject.
  2. Incase, if the students are irregular discontinued.
  3. However, the duration cannot be extended more than double the stipulated period under any circumstances. Those who do not complete the course in spite of the extended duration should pay and additional 10% fees for all short term courses and 5% for all long term courses. With this extra payment of fees duration will be extended to another six months.