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SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS                                                                                      

The semester examination is conducted by center on completion of a course and covers all modules. The examination papers are set by the Central Office Faculty Team. The date of the semester examination is usually 15-25 days from the date of completion of the semester course.

Semester Evaluation Procedure

The end of Semester Evaluation of the student is done at the Central Office and grading is given as below.

Grade % Marks

A+   Excellent              75 &  above

A     Very Good           60 to 74

B      Good                  50 to 59

C     Satisfactory        below 50


Reappearing for an exam

A student who is not satisfied with the marks obtained can if he/ she so desires apply for reappearing for any written examination, module or semester.

A student who could not appear for any written exam or module along with the rest of the batch, will be deemed to have failed and hence can apply for re-examination.

The rules pertaining to re-examination, as given in the current “Student Handbook”, will be binding on the center and the students.


Certificate / Diploma is awarded by VYCA to the students who have successfully completed the course and are issued through the Authorized Training Partners. The Certificate is approved by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. Of. India.

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